Emergency Box Stop

The Emergency Box Stop (EBS) keeps your trunk cargo from sliding around while you drive. It has a loop to hook a bungee cord to more securely hold cargo in place. The Velcro bottom secures the EBS to your carpet in your trunk, interior floorboard or boat deck. The EBS has white reflective tape on the outside of each side triangle. If your car or truck breaks down, you can use the EBS to alert other drivers. The hole in the base of the EBS can be used to screw the EBS to the bed of a truck to secure it without carpet. It can be screwed into one of the boards extending beyond the bed of your truck so you can attach a red cloth to the bungee cord loop. They can be placed at the end of your driveway to signal your guests, ‘This is the place!’ The EBS can be put on the sides of the drive way for special occasions for better visibility of the driveway at night or rainy conditions. The EBS can be screwed to your deer stand for quick recognition when trying to find it in the pre-dawn hours. The reflective tape also reflects infrared light (for my tactical friends). The EBS is Made in America. Hundreds of uses…limited only by your imagination. EBS will NOT secure cargo during a crash or accident. The Emergency Box Stop is a very unique product. It has a multitude of uses.

EBS is a great gift for the person who has everything! They don’t have this!  $29.95 per box. Order now!

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EBS is proudly made in America. Made in the USA

Emergency Box Stop Uses

Secure gear in cars, trucks & SUVs

Use EBS to secure gear and loose items in your car, truck or SUV

EBS with reflective sides lead up to car on roadside
Emergency reflectors

Use EBS as reflectors to alert drivers to a roadside emergency

EBS with loop for bungee
Use the loop with a bungee

Use the loop at the top of the EBS with a bungee to secure items

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